Equality. Ultrachrome print, text panel. 2016. Image courtesy the artist.

Location: Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Duration: 1833-1835

Affiliation: Time Store Cooperative Movement / Owenite influence, Anarchist influence

Size: 6 families located on 400 acres

“Public influence is the real government of the world.” – Josiah Warren

From founder Josiah Warren’s Manifesto:
“It will be perceived that they [the features of Equitable Commerce] are precisely the features which a great, redeeming revolution ought to possess: but they are so extraordinary, so out of the common course and current of things that they will be denounced by some as visionary and impracticable. I am prepared for all this, and I am also prepared to prove that all the most important applications of the principles HAVE BEEN made; and have proved themselves sound beyond all successful contradictions; and to show that upon these principles, it is perfectly practicable for almost any person to begin at once to enjoy some of the advantages herein set forth; and by degrees to emancipate himself or herself from the crushing iniquity and suffering of (what is called) civilized society; and this without joining any society or in any other way surrendering any “portion” of his or her natural and “inalienable” sovereignty over their person, time or property, and without becoming in any way responsible for the acts or sentiments of others who may be transacting business on these principles.” 

Reason for Demise: In a short time it was discovered that the locality was malarial, breeding low fever, ague, and constant sickness. It took the families close to two years to find alternative housing.